7 Best Medicine Ball

7 Best Medicine Ball For Home Gym – Reviews 2020

Medicine ball is one of the necessary fitness equipment that brings new life into your training while giving you good physical workouts. It is also known as med ball, exercise ball, or fitness ball. The Medicine ball works as a kettlebell because It effectively trains and strengthens all your muscle groups. Also, Studies say training with a medicine ball can be more effective than conventional strength training. Check out the 7 best home gym equipment.

In today’s world, Medicine ball has become more popular for fitness and sports in general. Therefore, this article has reviewed the best medicine ball of various materials, quality, brands, and more. Add the best medicine ball in your home exercise equipment to keep yourself trim. The following are the top listed options for quick review. Let’s’ Started.

Product Image Product Name  
Best medicine ball Yes4All 10-40lbs Slam Medicine Ball
medicine ball BalanceFrom Workout Exercise Fitness Medicine Ball
exercise ball AmazonBasics Medicine Ball
Training ball TRX Training Slam Ball
Fitness ball J/Fit Medicine Ball
medicine ball reviews ProsourceFit Soft Medicine Ball
Medicine balls RBX Weight Training Slam Ball

The Yes4All 10-40lbs Slam Medicine Ball is ideal for the toughest wods such as non-bounce, specifically designed for CrossFit exercise, conditioning workouts, wood chops, overhead throws, twists, MMA, wrestling, or general athletic training.


  • It is filled with iron sand to prevent the ball from bouncing or rolling and enhance balance and firmness of the ball.
  • This ball features a grooved and textured PVC shell to ensure a firm and secure grip.
  • It is formulated with a resilient soft shell that is rotationally molded for a seamless construction to add more durability.
  • It features seamless construction to prevent it from splitting over time of use.
  • High-density ball
  • Easy to grip
  • Seamless design
  • Bit heavy.

The BalanceFrom Workout Exercise Fitness Medicine Ball is an ideal choice for developing core and muscle strength, improving coordination, and cardio and explosive power.


  • This medicine ball is made with durable rubber and dual texture.
  • It features a rugged, textured surface that is ideal for a secure and firm grip.
  • It is made with synthetic leather material on the outside and tight double-stitching.
  • This medicine ball comes with a wide range of weight preferences.
  • Fir and secure grip
  • More durable
  • Premium quality
  • Hard to wash.

The AmazonBasics Medicine Ball helps to improve core strength, promote better balance, and cultivate coordination. It is ideal for a wide range of upper and lower body workouts. This item dimension is 10.2 * 10 * 10 inches. The item weight is 12.7 pounds


  • This medicine ball puts 10 pounds of easy-grip resistance in your hands for lower and upper body workouts.
  • This exercise ball is made with sturdy rubber construction that can be bounced off on hard surfaces.
  • This exercise ball features a textured finish that provides a superior and firm grip.
  • It is ideal for classic medical ball workout where you throw the ball back and forth with a gym buddy or personal trainer.
  • Classic medicine ball
  • Firm grip
  • Durable construction
  • Bit of an expensive

The TRX Training Slam Ball Helps you to unleash your power and engage your entire body in high tensity workouts that build strength, cardio, and explosive power. It is designed to survive in your toughest workouts.


  • This exercise ball features a rugged, textured surface that provides easy gripping and helps you keep a sure handle on the ball during a workout.
  • This ball featured a thick, ultra-durable rubber shell to ensure durability and strength.
  • This medicine ball is available in a wide range of weight so that you can select the right size for yourself.
  • This slam ball can withstand heavy use and eliminate bounce.
  • Wide range of options
  • Durable rubber shell
  • Easy-grip textured surface
  • Bit heavy

The J/Fit Medicine Ball is an extremely versatile piece of gym equipment that is used for strength training, stretching, rolling out tight and sore muscle, and plyometric exercise. This medicine ball helps to promote fast-twitch muscle fibers and increases calorie burn.


  • This ball features a large 14” size that helps to improve balance and coordination.
  • This exercise ball features premium, heavy-duty, laser-cut, and triple-stitched soft shell covering.
  • It features hand stuffed and weighted special construction that allows the ball to maintain balance and keeps its shape.
  • This medicine ball is available in a wide range of size preferences so that you can select according to your size.
  • Multiple options
  • Durable construction
  • Training functionality
  • Little bit costly

The ProsourceFit Soft Medicine Ball is the most functional exercise equipment such as versatile for CrossFit workouts, power and agility training, core exercise, and functional fitness and strength. This wall ball is ideal for sit-ups, squats, cleans, lunges, and more.


  • It is made of PU Leather exteriors which are soft to the touch, with a padded interior to give a comfortable grip.
  • It has a cushioned design that absorbs impact during strength and power exercise and also features heavy dirty double-stitched seams.
  • It is made of PU leather material which is water-resistant and scuff-resistant for long-lasting use.
  • It is constructed with a balanced weight and consists of 14” diameter to make it easy to hold and toss against a wall or with a partner.
  • Impact-absorbing
  • Long-lasting use
  • Consistent size
  • This item is a bit of costly

The RBX Weight Training Slam Ball is great for home fitness workouts and high-intensity training. It helps to build strength for sports that requires throwing, hitting, and swinging. This exercise ball dimension is 10.8 * 9.4 * 8.7 inches. The item’s weight is 9.6 pounds.


  • It includes one 10 pound slam ball with contoured grip patterns to ensure superior grip.
  • This ball is filled with sand to prevent it from bouncing and rolling.
  • It has a soft touch flex rubber exterior that features a grooved textured surface to provide a firm grip with sweaty hands.
  • It is designed to premium quality material to withstand your most vigorous workouts.
  • More durable
  • Maximum grip
  • Great for home gym
  • It is hard to wash.
7 Best Medicine Ball
5 Reason To Buy The Best medicine ball

💪 Body-Building Ally- It is useful for numerous exercises and effectively trains your muscle and strengthens your muscle.

💪 Improves Your ABs- There are many forms of exercise and movements that you can build stomach muscle by using medicine muscle.

💪 Perfect For Physical Preparedness- Medicinal balls improve speed and the accuracy of the movements.

💪Develop Coordination And balance- Medicine ball is an ideal option if you want to improve balance and coordination.

💪Gaining Power And Explosiveness- You can increase the power of your throws with the use of a medicine ball.

The Final Verdicts

Medicinal ball offers fun, versatility, and a wide range of exercise as well as brings the new aspect to your sports training. In this article, you have seen the 7 best medicine balls along with the buying guide. Hopefully, it will help you to give an idea of choosing the best medicine ball. So, Go through the above top option and get the best exercise ball.

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